Thinking of Getting a Prehistoric Pet?

We're your go-to company for reptiles and reptile enclosures

Big Sky Reptiles and Enclosures is the largest multi-species facility in Montana. We sell a wide variety of reptiles and create top-of-the-line custom enclosures to accommodate reptiles of all sizes.

Our most popular reptile enclosures are terrestrial cages and arboreal cages. We also sell small, medium and large-size racks, along with display units and incubators. However, we provide extra value by welding the panels into recessed pockets, making it impossible for your enclosure to warp over time. But why stop there? We can also customize your reptile enclosure with LED lighting, cage door locks, screens, dividers and lots more.

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Welcome the perfect reptilian into your family

Reptiles make great pets, especially for first-time pet owners. Whether you're looking to purchase your first scaly friend or you're a long-time reptile enthusiast, you can count on Big Sky Reptiles and Enclosures to safely ship your new pet to your home.

We provide reptile enthusiasts with:

  • Geckos
  • Tortoises
  • Boas and pythons
  • Dwarf monitor lizards

If you're unable to pick up your pet at our shop, we offer shipping throughout the continental United States. All of our reptiles are shipped at a flat rate, so you won't have to worry about extra charges. We'll also make sure your animal is transported with care.

Check out our reptiles for sale by visiting the Reptiles page now! We look forward to hearing form you.


Our mission at Big Sky Reptiles and Enclosures is to provide customers with the healthiest animals available, to educate our customers with the knowledge to provide the absolute best husbandry possible for those animals, and the products to put that knowledge to practice.